By:  Terri Onorato (1997)
The silhouette stands boldly at the end of the hallway
Ears erect, eyes like jewels, the tail it softly sways.
This wouldn't  be the first time I've seen her stand nearby.
Her image clear as crystal from the corner of my eye.
Her visits I don't share with some
Who think I've went over and beyond.
The greiving time they deem I need,
They say I should move on.
I sometimes pity people who have never felt just cause
To share the bond between two souls,
One with hands and one with paws.
The silhouette reminds me what the others say is wrong
For as long as breath goes through me
There exists our mighty bond. 
When the keeper calls me home and the Bridge gates open wide
Our bond will deepen ten fold as we walk through side by side.
You see, I am the lucky one as I've been truly blessed
For someday we'll walk together
As eternal silhouettes.
The Silhouette
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